Skinz Protective Gear

Skinz Protective Gear is a manufacturer of Snowmobile aftermarket Parts, including Snowmobile mufflers , Front and rear suspensions, custom seats, Bags, Protection accessories and much more.

Ice Breaker Tunnel Protection Film

Heat Shields


High Heat Insulation Products. Exhaust Tape, Sound suppressor mat, Turbo heat shields, Wire heat protectors, High Heat Paint, etc.

Cool-Fuel Jug Cover

Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

Exhaust Insulating Header Wrap (Graphite Black)

Exhaust Insulating Header Wrap

Exhaust Insulating Header Wrap (Generation II Copper)

Hi-Heat Spray Coating

Snap Strap Clamps

Turbo Insulating Kit

Mat Application Roller

Suppressor Acoustical & Heat Control Mat

Super Sonic Acoustical Mat

Cool-It Mat

Thermo-Guard FR


Cable Insulating Express Sleeves

Thermo-Flex Spark Plug Wire Heat Shield

Spark Plug wire Heat Shield

Cable & Hose Heat Sleaves

Heat Sleeves - Wire & Hose Insulation

Cool-It Spark Plug Wire Sleeves

Thermo-Flex Aluminum Wire & Hose Heat Shield

Ultra-Lite Insulating Mat

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