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Douglas Wheels quadrock

DWT Quadrok

Quad-Rok Quad-Rok's super strength and durability is achieved through new LiteCast low-pressure technology. The clover-center Quad-Rok is a blend of lightweight aluminum alloy with magnesium and titanium for superior strength. Each wheel undergoes our proprietary heat treat process for maximum durability; then the machined natural aluminum surface is clear coated for a great looking, long lasting finish. *Lug nuts sold separately.

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Part No. Supplier No. Description
999-60 Litecast Quadrok - 10X8 3B+5N 4/110 - 10mm $111.00(6) Check Stock
999-65 Litecast Quadrok - 10X8 3B+5N 4/115 - 10mm $111.00(6) Check Stock

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