Lonestar Racing ball joints

Lonestar Ball Joints

Premium Quality Lonestar Ball Joints for aftermarket A-Arms. These do NOT fit on OEM Stock Arms. Please make sure to order the castle nuts and jam nuts for models which don't have them included. Ball Joints Made by FRAP Italy.

Application Listing

Click on application in the list to view more details on the part. All Prices are in Canadien Dollars

Part No. Supplier No. Description
21P00500P Lonestar Ball Joint - Polaris Predator $49.95(4) Check Stock
21P22500 Lonestar Ball Joint - Yamaha Warrior 1987 Oem $89.95(4) Check Stock
21P32500 Lonestar Ball Joint - LT250 Oem $69.95(4) Check Stock
21P00500H Ball Joint - Honda Taper (No Nuts) - M16X1.5 (Frap 2444) $49.95(4) Check Stock
21P00500K Lonestar Ball Joint - Kawasaki KFX450 $49.95(4) Check Stock
21P00500PH Ball Joint - Honda Taper 35.5Mm Round (Frap 2833) $49.95(4) Check Stock
21P00500PY Lonestar Ball Joint - Yamaha Taper 35.5Mm Round (Frap 2870) $49.95(4) Check Stock
21P00500S Lonestar Ball Joint - Suzuki LTR450 (No Nuts) - M16X1.5 $49.95(4) Check Stock
21P00500Y Ball Joint - Yamaha Taper M16X1.5 (No Nut) (Frap 2443) $49.95(4) Check Stock
21P00512 Dust Boot For Ball Joint - Honda, KFX450 $13.95(4) Check Stock
21P32501 Lonestar Ball Joint Spacer - LT250 Oem $6.95(4) Check Stock
21P32502 Lonestar Ball Joint BoLT - LT250 Oem $9.95(4) Check Stock
21P005121 Dust Boot For Ball Joint - Yamaha , LTR450 $13.95(4) Check Stock
60-NM014 Lonestar Ball Joint Jam Nut - Non Oem Only $3.95(4) Check Stock
60-NM020 Castle Nut For Ball Joint - 12MM X 1.25, Honda, KFX450, LTs, LTZ400 $3.95(4) Check Stock
60-NM021 Lonestar Castle Nut For Ball Joint - 10Mm X 1.25, Yamaha, LTR450 $3.95(4) Check Stock

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