Durablue aluminum wheel lug nuts - taper

Durablue Aluminum Lug Nuts - Taper

Fits all 10mm Wheel Studs Light weight - just ounces apiece. Removes over 1 pound of unsprung weight. Strong 7075 T6 aluminum. Cool looks. The new DuraBlue "Bullet Lug-Nut Nut Series" provides the flash you want and the protection you need for the stud threads. These lug-nuts will remove over a pound of unsprung weight from your quad. That translates into improved suspension performance! Give your wheels a more finished look. DuraBlue now has the total package, matching "Bullet Nuts" for axles and spindles. Fits all Wheels with 10mm x 1.25mm pitch studs. Will NOT fit Polaris.

Application Listing

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Part No. Supplier No. Description
121-201880 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts - 10mm Taper Seat-8 Pc $133.00(6) Check Stock
121-201880B Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts - 10mm Taper Seat-Blue Anodize-8 Pc $133.00(6) Check Stock
121-201880BL Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts - 10mm Taper Seat-Black Anodize-8 Pc $133.00(6) Check Stock
121-201880G Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts - 10mm Taper Seat-Gold Anodize-8 Pc $133.00(6) Check Stock
121-201880R Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts - 10mm Taper Seat-Red Anodize-8 Pc $133.00(6) Check Stock

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